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The Queen's Musings

Below are some of my favorite quotes, inspirational sayings and reminders.

  • You are NOT ON SALE! --Suze Orman
  • Execution is the missing link between aspiration and results.
  • Ruts keep you in a path that is not of your choosing.
  • Look for opportunities - they're everywhere when you're looking.
  • Best return!
  • 5 Things a Day and Do Them! (Read up on the Mary Kay story if you're curious)
  • I deserve to set myself up to succeed.
  • Residual income!
  • 15% of your effort produces 85% of the results.
  • Work smart, not hard.
  • Fear stops the average person from taking good opportunities. Don't follow that trend.
  • College tuition is not one big cover charge.
  • You can get to the real money (opportunity) usually only AFTER the third rejection. Think creatively.
  • Paying $68 extra a month on the mortgage will pay it off 5 years faster!
  • Procrastination is a lack of self-discipline.
  • Ask, Delegate, Accept.
  • Just 15 minutes - Flylady.net

Q: Quick, Quaint, Quality
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